Pay / click Advertising

Pay / click Advertising

Get ready to improve your business using Pay per click advertising programs!

Orient web solution is one of the leading providers of Pay per click advertising programs. We have helped many professional companies to take advantage of the latest boom in internet marketing and expand their business. Pay per click is as important as website content writing and Search Engine Optimization. We will help you to maximize your return on investment and enjoy success. Pay per click is also known as cost per click and is one of the best ways to get on top of the Google rankings.

Orient web solution will understand your business better before starting to write down the process. We will ensure that you have the full access to the Google analytics page and you can see whether we deliver the promised return.


How we work

We will check whether you need a new account to be opened or see whether we can help you with your existing account. We will understand the performance metrics of your existing data and we will also understand the history of your existing data. We will prepare the campaigns based on your preferred group of customers and we will conduct an in-depth research to find out the key attributes of the industry in which you are functioning. We will check for the correct keywords that would drive quality traffic to your website. We will make sure that the ideal keywords are used to drive traffic to your website.

There are lots of creative ads that would enhance click through rate and would help in the relevant landing pages. The relevancy of the landing page will have a long term effect on the traffic that your website generates and will help you to gain more traffic and more business.

Orient web solution uses broad search parameters and exact and phrase match to make sure that your website is on top of the list. We have the expertise to set separate bids based on the search parameters and that would be beneficial to you in the long run. We also have the expertise to set up different bidding rates at different time of the day and we have a proper geo marketing style. We also have the expertise in conversion tracking and that would help you in the long run. We are sure that we would be able to contribute positively to your online marketing efforts.

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